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Trans Awareness Week – What is a trans ally and how to be a better one?

November 20, 2020
Trans awareness week runs from November 13th and culminates with the Trans day of Remembrance on Friday 20th November. Trans is a general term for people whose gender is different…
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An extra £2 billion for Social Care – what does it mean?

March 9, 2017
  You will have no doubt all seen the fantastic news in yesterday’s budget. I could not have imagined that the huge injection of money into our sector would be…
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QCS Views: Funded Nursing Care (FNC) is on the rise

July 26, 2016
An interim increase of 40% for Funded Nursing Care (FNC) has been announced by the Department of Health.  The increase, which has been backdated to 1st April,  brings the weekly…
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