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29th January 2018

Innovation: From the Printing Press to Adult Social Care

Ewan King Director of Business Development and Delivery (SCIE)

In 1440 Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press improved on existing machines and, 60 years later, 1,000 Gutenberg presses were operating in...

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20th November 2017

‘Significant’ New Research on LGBTQI+ Disabled People and Self-Directed Social Care Support

David Abbott SCIE

  We first described our project on LGBTQI+ Disabled People: ‘Hardly anything is known about issues involving personal assistants and support...

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16th October 2017

Getting Safeguarding Right

Hugh Constant SCIE - Practice Development Manager

Everyone wants to get safeguarding right. It’s vital to an organisation’s reputation, of course, but much more importantly it gets...

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27th September 2017

Art in Care Homes – Inspiring Residents and Staff to Be Creative

Pamela Holmes Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

The arts can make a powerful difference to someone’s social and health care. The recent All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts,...

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25th August 2017

That’s entertainment: how technology can support people with dementia to lead more fulfilling lives

Ewan King Director of Business Development and Delivery (SCIE)

Anyone who’s been on YouTube can support someone with dementia. That’s perhaps a sweeping statement and it’s potentially tricky given...

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19th June 2017

Improving lives by using the skills and assets that exist in care homes

Ewan King Director of Business Development and Delivery (SCIE)

This week sees National Care Home Open Day run for the fifth time. It’s an annual day when people are...

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25th May 2017

The social care workforce: how to improve readiness, recruitment and progression

Leigh Johnston Head of Analytical Support & Senior Research Analyst Improvement (SCIE)

The social care workforce is predicted to grow enormously over the coming years, by up to half a million by...

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15th February 2017

Co-production doesn’t have to be a tumbleweed experience

Pete Fleischmann Head of co-production at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Last year my colleague had an awkward moment at a conference. The event, for managers of care providers large and...

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15th September 2016

A Sense of Humour – Training for Deafblind Assessors

Steve Palmer Communications Manager at the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Last month I was in a training session where everyone was laughing,but the content was deadly serious. Under the Care...

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12th August 2016

“It’s been wonderful, how do they manage to do it all?”

David Cundy Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Watching a video SCIE produced as part of research for HC-One, I was struck by this comment from Doreen, “It’s...

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