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Cold Weather Plan for England announced

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October 10, 2022

The Government has revealed its Cold Weather Plan for England.

The Plan alerts health and social care professionals to the dangers of cold weather and includes measures to help prevent avoidable illness or injuries to the people they care for and support.

Why is there a Cold Weather Plan?

The winter period is associated with an increase in illness and injuries. People slip and fall on ice or snow, and the cold weather increases the risk of heart attacks, lung illnesses, flu and other diseases. Older people are particularly vulnerable to the effects of cold weather.

The report states that ‘although there are several factors contributing to winter illness and death, in many cases, simple preventative action could avoid many of the deaths, illnesses and injuries associated with the cold’

What is the Cold Weather Plan?

The Cold Weather Plan for England (CWP) aims to prevent avoidable harm to health by alerting people to the negative health effects of cold weather and enabling them to prepare and respond appropriately. It also aims to reduce pressure on the health and social care system during winter through improved anticipatory actions with vulnerable people.

The plan sets out a series of actions to be taken by the NHS, social care and other agencies throughout the year, to prepare for and respond to winter to protect vulnerable people.

Further Information

Read the Cold Weather Plan for England

Register here for the Cold Alert Service


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