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Latest updates on Coronavirus. As the situation is quickly evolving, it is important to be provided with up-to-date information. We’ll be updating and adding to our information. So keep checking back.

19th March 2020

Coronavirus News Updates – 5 tips to help your primary care organisations

Have you watched the Coronavirus News Updates by our Head of Primary Care, Tracy Green?

We have summarised some key points from the video below to help your primary care organisation in this rapidly changing situation.

The key points include :

  1. Establishing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  2. Training and awareness program
  3. Implementing an effective communication strategy
  4. How to stay prepared
  5. How to stay calm

The summary is now available for download here - Coronavirus News Updates Summary 1- Primary Care

A detailed video explaining the five key points can also be found here - Coronavirus News Updates - Primary Care - Ep 1 


*All information is correct at the time of publishing

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Latest Updates on Coronavirus