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Latest updates on Coronavirus. As the situation is quickly evolving, it is important to be provided with up-to-date information. We’ll be updating and adding to our information. So keep checking back.

20th March 2020

Coronavirus News Updates Summary 1 – Primary Care (Dentists)

Have you watched the 2nd video on Coronavirus News Updates by our Head of Primary Care, Tracy Green?

This time, she has created 2 separated videos for GPs and dentists.  We have summarised some key points from the video dedicating to dentists.

The key points include :

  1. Infection control
  2. Patients care
  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  4. Self-isolation
  5. Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
  6. Statutory leave and time off

The summary for GPs is now available for download here - Summary 1- Coronavirus News Updates - Primary Care - Dentists

A detailed video explaining the key points can also be found here - Coronavirus News Updates - Primary Care - Dentists - Ep 1 

*All information is correct at the time of publishing

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Latest Updates on Coronavirus