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06th October 2021

COVID-19 Medical Exemptions: Proving you are unable to get vaccinated

If you work or volunteer in a care home in England, you can now apply for official proof that, for medical reasons, you're unable to be vaccinated and/or tested for COVID-19.

The Government has now outlined the steps you need to follow and what it means for you.

  • You can apply for proof that you have a medical reason why you should not be vaccinated and/or tested
  • If you get this proof of medical exemption, you’ll be able to use the NHS COVID Pass wherever you need to prove your COVID-19 status within England

How to apply for and receive your COVID Pass medical exemption

Call 119

Phone the NHS COVID Pass service on 119 to ask for an NHS COVID Pass medical exemptions application form.

You can also call to find out more information about COVID Pass medical exemptions.

The call handler at the NHS COVID Pass service will ask you some questions. You will need to give:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your NHS number (if you know it)
  • The name of your GP and/or specialist clinician

Complete a form…but don’t ask your GP for one

If you’re eligible to apply, you’ll get an application form by post.

You should not ask your GP for an application form. If you do go to your GP before you get your application form, you’ll be asked to call the NHS COVID Pass service on 119.

Your form will be reviewed by a specialist

Return your application form to the GP or relevant clinician stated on the form. Your application will be clinically reviewed by your doctor, specialist, or midwife. Your GP, specialist or midwife may ask to speak with you if needed, but you won’t need to book this when you submit your application.

You will receive the outcome in less than a month

You’ll automatically get the results of your application by post 2 to 3 weeks after applying. You don’t need to contact your GP or the clinician reviewing your exemption unless they ask you to contact them.

If exempt, you will be able to use the NHS COVID Pass

If you get a medical exemption, you can use the domestic NHS COVID Pass wherever you need to.

The pass won’t show others that you have a medical exemption, just that you have the NHS COVID Pass.

You can access your NHS COVID Pass digitally – on the NHS app or the NHS website. You can also download it as a pdf.

The paper version of the pass will be available soon.

You can’t appeal a decision

The clinical decision on your medical exemption is final. There is no appeal process.

Further Information

Read the Guidance on COVID-19 medical exemptions: proving you are unable to get vaccinated

Find out more about the NHS COVID Pass on the NHS website.

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