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16th April 2020

CQC Notification of Death (Last update 16.04.20)

COVID-19 CQC Death of a person using your service notifications have changed.


A) Number of COVID-19 Deaths in care settings

After criticism of the government for not including numbers of Covid-19 patients from residential homes within their daily numbers, CQC will now work with ONS and Public Health to collect and collate this data.

B) Testing

Until now it has been difficult to diagnose Covid-19 within social care settings as testing has not been widely available. In a move to bring parity with the NHS, testing will be available to care settings meaning the data can be more accurately reported.

CQC say’ As well as giving a fuller picture of deaths in care settings, this will provide a regional view which allows an assessment of which areas are most impacted and may need additional support as a result.’

C) How do I notify CQC of a Covid-19 death? 

The reporting falls under regulation 16 of the Care Quality Commission (Registration)Regulations 2009 with CQC updating their ‘death of a person using your service’ notification form.

D) What are the changes? 

Where the death occurred, and whether the death was a confirmed or suspected case of Covid19 are now additional boxes to complete.

E) Existing form new function

You will be familiar with this form, as they should be completed as part of the CQC notification process. Every other category on the form remains the same, including the guidance. 

F) This is not just a tick box exercise

This is not just a tick box exercise, but as every number read out each day of the thousands of people who have succumbed to Covid-19, the people you support deserve the dignity of being amongst the men, women and children who are remembered.


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