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11th November 2020

Free Dental Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Audit

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By using this audit alongside an effective IPC policy, you will have evidence of your compliance both internally and with the CQC.

Good infection prevention (including cleanliness) is essential to ensure that people who use health services receive safe and effective care. Effective prevention and control of infection must be part of everyday practice and be applied consistently by everyone.

The CQC base their expectations of registered providers on the criteria of the code and their findings to decide if providers deliver safe, effective and well-led services.  We have created you a comprehensive Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Audit that covers multiple key areas including clinical waste, flooring, staff immunisations, hand hygiene and sharps. These elements are likely to be discussed during a discussion with the CQC through the Transitional monitoring approach stage currently underway.

Use our Audit to help you to keep track of your annual IPC review reflecting findings with supportive information as examples of evidence of good practice.


  • 20 Audit areas
    • Evidence of findings
    • Action plan template
    • Can be shared with the practice team

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