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GP Weekly Update (Last update: 24.07.20)

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July 24, 2020

Download our GP weekly update here, it includes information on delivering mass vaccinations during c0vid19, the HSE Coronavirus Guidance and more!

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In this Bulletin:

  • Delivering Mass Vaccinations During COVID-19 – Guide for GPs
  • HSE Spot inspections: Ensure Your Workplace is COVID-secure
  • CQC – Help Shape the Future of Registration
  • HSE Coronavirus Guidance

A) Delivering Mass Vaccinations During COVID-19 – Guide for GPs

The RCGP has just published new guidance about mass vaccination programmes which may need to be delivered during mid-2020 to 2021. It addresses the practicalities and challenges of delivering mass vaccination programmes in a context when COVID-19 remains in general circulation, particularly around equipment and layout requirements, PPE availability, and patient groups with additional requirements. Currently, the guidance is generic and applies to different vaccines, including flu.

Key considerations include:

  • Standards of infection prevention and control
  • Larger spaces may be necessary to maintain safe social distancing
  • Increased time necessary for the use of PPE and preparing patients e.g. 4-6 minutes per flu vaccination instead of 1-3 minutes
  • Availability of vaccines
  • Adequate fridge storage
  • Flu vaccine possibly extended to those aged 50 or over (who are not already in an eligible group for flu vaccination)
  • Urgent vaccination against COVID-19 (when it is available)
  • Workforce availability
  • Protection of vulnerable staff
  • Risk assessment
  • Plan for worst-case scenario

There has not been a further update from NHS England or Public Health England about the national flu immunisation programme 2020/21 since their last letter of 14 May 2020.

B) HSE Spot Inspections: Ensure your Workplace is COVID-secure

HSE inspectors are carrying out spot inspections in cities and towns where there is a coronavirus outbreak, to check that businesses are COVID-secure. This press release explains how HSE is checking COVID compliance in Bradford businesses. HSE’s guide to working safely during the coronavirus outbreak will help to manage the risks associated with restarting or running a business during the pandemic

C) CQC – Help Shape the Future of Registration

CQC is developing a new strategy from 2021 aiming to drive improvements in how people experience health and care services, working towards a safer future, whilst keeping its purpose central. If you would like to share your feedback and offer ideas you can sign up here. CQC has also been recording strategy webinars. They are available to watch on their YouTube channel.

D) HSE Coronavirus Guidance

HSE has published a range of useful guidance and advice including: