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22nd October 2020

NHS Infection Prevention and Control appendix for Dentists (Last update: 21.10.20)

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On 21st October 2020, a new document was released to help dental practices during the pandemic - the COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control Dental Appendix.

The document provides the following key messages for dental services:

  • Patients will fall into either low, medium, or high-risk COVID-19 pathways
  • Patients must be screened, triaged (and when available, tested) prior to treatment
  • Treatment for Patients who are on the high-risk pathway should be restricted to urgent care only, and these Patients will need to be separated by space or time from other Patients
  • Airborne precautions are required for all Patients on the medium and high-risk pathways if an AGP is undertaken
  • Standard infection control precautions are required for Patients in the low-risk pathway, even if an AGP is undertaken
  • Dental Practices are recommended to ascertain the air changes per hour (ACH) within all dental surgeries
  • Post AGP downtime (fallow time) is dependent on air changes per hour and procedural mitigating factors, but does not fall below 10 minutes for Patients in medium or high-risk pathways. Mitigation against aerosols (such as high-volume suction and dental dams) should be used routinely and mitigation is considered essential where air changes are low
  • AGPs should not be carried out in rooms where there is no natural or mechanical ventilation
  • Practices should ensure physical distancing and that good hand and respiratory hygiene measures are always followed throughout the Practice

You can read the full document here.

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