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15th June 2020

Part I – Managing PR in a Crisis (Health & Social Care)

Download Factsheet 1 on Managing PR in a crisis for free here. It includes checklists on the preparation you need BEFORE a crisis.

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No one can predict when a crisis may strike, whether it’s a local incident or a global pandemic. We can, however, control the way we handle its impact on our staff and brand reputation. While health and care providers are doing a fantastic job to save lives and help the vulnerable, it is important that they have a public relations (PR) Crisis Plan in place during these unprecedented times. 

If something goes wrong and an organisation or individual finds themselves in the spotlight of public attention, it’s much easier to reduce distress and reputation damage if everyone knows what to do next. Most importantly, a comprehensive plan will allow you to manage the impacts of the crisis efficiently and effectively, without diverting your valuable time from providing excellent care.  

Therefore, we have prepared for you a series of factsheets, explaining the 3 key phases (BEFORE, DURING & AFTER) when managing a PR crisis, specifically for the Health and Social Care sector.

Part I of this series focuses on the preparations BEFORE a crisis: 

  1. Why is crisis management needed
  2. What is an extensive PR crisis plan
  3. The importance of a diverse PR crisis response team
  4. How to identify the appropriate spokesperson to represent your organisation

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