Coronavirus Updates

Latest updates on Coronavirus. As the situation is quickly evolving, it is important to be provided with up-to-date information. We’ll be updating and adding to our information. So keep checking back.

07th June 2021

Social Care In Vision (Last update: 07.06.21)

The Social Care Weekly Update is now available!  It includes updates on the latest arrangements for visiting out of the care home , self-employment income support fifth grant and so much more. Download here!


Alternatively, you can read the update here:

COVID-19: Arrangements for visiting out of the care home – Updated 27th May  

Guidance updated to reflect that the use of private cars and taxis are acceptable to use for visits out of the care home. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Coronavirus restrictions – what you can and cannot do – Updated 28th May 

Guidance has been updated to clarify the types of tests that can be used on people with or without symptoms, as well as clarifying the guidance on staying overnight in someone’s home. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) – Updated 1st June

Guidance updated to reflect the requirements on local risk assessments and information around the use of respiratory protective equipment and valved respirators. For more information click here.  

COVID-19: Changes to the enhanced DBS check application process – Updated 1st June

Updated to reflect that changes are now live. For more information click here.  

COVID-19: Advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents – Updated 1st June

Guidance has been updated on being able to exceptionally make an application in the UK under COVID-19 concessions. For more information click here.  

COVID-19: Self-employment income support fifth grant – Published 2nd June

Information on the fifth grant for the self-employment income support has been released by the government. For more information click here.

COVID-19: How to stop the spread of coronavirus – Updated 3rd June

Easy read guidance updated to be in line with meeting friends and family guidance. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable – Updated 3rd June

Audio and BSL versions have now been added. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Admissions and care of people in care homes – Updated 4th June

Guidance updated to reflect the change in procedure for reporting COVID-19 cases and outbreak management in care homes. For more information click here.

 Policy Updates

  • All coronavirus policies and Resource Centre documents continue to be reviewed and updated in light of government updates

Risk Assessment Updates

  • All risk assessments continue to be updated in light of government updates

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