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Social Care In Vision (Last update: 26.02.21)

Dementia Care
February 26, 2021

Another weekly update from our team of care specialists. It includes updates on Coronavirus, home testing kits, PPE providers and more. Download here!


Alternatively, you can read the update here:

COVID-19: Home testing kits now easier to order – Press Release 18th February   

The Government has introduced a number of new accessibility improvements to the home testing programme to make it easier to get tested. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Testing for adult day care centre workers – Published 18th February   

The Government has published guidance on how open day care centres can provide weekly PCR testing for their staff. For more information click here  

COVID-19: Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund: Round 2 – Updated 19th February   

The Government has updated this guidance with clarification on funding being used for reasonable administrative costs associated with two criteria and claims for those criteria being accepted as the choice of the local authority. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Care home residents to be allowed one visitor as part of cautious easing of lockdown – Press Release 20th February   

The Government has announced every care home resident will be allowed one regular indoor visitor from March 8th. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Prime Minister to publish roadmap for cautiously easing COVID restrictions – Press Release 22nd February   

The Prime Minister will announce the Government’s roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions across England today. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Lateral flow testing of visitors in care homes– Updated 22nd February  

The Government guidance has been updated to include the pause on LFD-enabled visits to care homes and how indoor visits can continue for contact free visiting.  For more information click here 

COVID-19: Prime Minister sets out roadmap to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions– Press Release 22nd February   

The Government has announced its roadmap to easing the lockdown in England following a four-step approach. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – local contacts for providers – Updated 22nd February    

This guidance has been updated with the Local Authority lists now including ‘extra resident unpaid carers’ and ‘education and childcare services’. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Response Spring 2021 – Updated 22nd February   

The Government has issued guidance setting out the roadmap out of the current lockdown in England. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Workforce capacity fund for adult social care – Updated 23rd February

Annex F has been updated in relation to the reporting point 2 template. For more information click here 

COVID-19: PCR home test kit instructions – Updated 23rd February   

Two new documents have been added including a guide for people with visual impairments. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Getting Tested – Updated 23rd February   

Documents have been updated including on return box tracking and updated sample swabbing instructions. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Vitamin D for Vulnerable Groups – Updated 24th February   

Guidance has been updated as the opt-in service for vitamin D has now closed. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Letter from the Health and Social Care Secretary on COVID-19 vaccinations in people with learning disabilities – Published 24th February   

The letter highlights that everyone on the Learning Disability Register is invited for vaccination as part of Cohort 6. For more information click here 

COVID-19: PCR home test kit instructions – Updated 24th February   

A link has been added to the RNIB website for additional formats including audio and braille. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Community testing for people without symptoms of coronavirus – Updated 24th February    

Areas have been added to the list for community testing. For more information click here 

CQC – Supporting urgent and emergency care during winter – Updated 24th February   

This month’s COVID Insight Report looks at how urgent and emergency care services have been affected by the pandemic during winter. For more information click here 

Policy Updates    

All coronavirus policies and Resource Centre documents continue to be reviewed and updated in light of Government updates.

A new Care Home Visitor Blog has been produced following the announcement of residents being allowed one visitor from 8th March.