Coronavirus Updates

Latest updates on Coronavirus. As the situation is quickly evolving, it is important to be provided with up-to-date information. We’ll be updating and adding to our information. So keep checking back.

29th January 2021

Social Care In Vision (Last update: 29.01.21)

Download the latest Social Care Summary here that highlights the latest Covid Rules and where to find additional resources. 


Alternatively, you can read the summary here:

COVID-19: Overview of adult social care guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) – Updated 22 January    

This guidance has been updated in relation to residents who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should not be included in testing for 90 days after their initial onset of symptoms or their positive test result. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Supported living services during coronavirus – Updated 22 January   

A new document titled ‘Working with people in supported living this winter’ has been added. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Coronavirus - providing homecare – Updated 22 January   

A new document titled ‘Working with people in their own homes this winter’ has been added. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Coronavirus - support for care homes – Updated 22 January   

A new document titled ‘Your care home during winter’ has been added. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Get a test for coronavirus if you do not have symptoms - Published 22 January   

A new document on finding out how to get tested when you do not have symptoms has been published. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Coronavirus – getting tested - Updated 25 January   

A new link has been added in relation to ‘care home testing guidance for LFD self-testing at home’. For more information click here 

COVID-19: Designated setting for people discharged to care homes - Updated 25 January   

The guidance has been updated to remove the reference to ‘As a last resort, one option could be for COVID-19 positive individuals to be temporarily discharged under existing arrangements, to a non-designated care home, with sufficient IPC arrangements, that is willing to receive the individual'. For more information click here 

COVID-19: University of Nottingham - PROTECT trial - Published January 2021

This PROTECT trial has been set up to identify treatments that can protect care home residents from developing COVID-19. The study is being set up and the website evolving, for more information click here 

COVID-19: PPE portal – how to order COVID-19 personal protective equipment – Updated 26 January 

Updates made to the guidance including in relation to order limits. For more information click here 

Liberty Protection Safeguards Factsheet – Updated 26 January 

A new document has been added titled ‘Liberty Protection Safeguards: settings and Responsible Bodies’. For more information click here 

CQC – Proposal for more flexible and responsive regulations – Published 26 January 

The CQC are proposing some specific changes following the pandemic to allow them to assess and rate services more flexibly, for full details of the proposals click here 

Social care blog by Clenton Farquharson: Overcoming vaccine hesitancy in our diverse communities

According to a recent polling study, 72 percent of black people in the UK are hesitant about taking the COVID-19 jab. Clenton’s blog makes a case for making time for community engagement to build trust.

Policy Updates  

  • All coronavirus policies and Resource Centre documents continue to be reviewed and updated in light of government updates
  • A new COVID-19 Vaccine Factsheet for social care has been produced and can be found in the Resource Centre
  • A guidance document on staff refusal of the vaccine is available in the resource centre
  • We have added a Complaints Audit document to the Resource Centre to support your quality assurance processes






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