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15th May 2020

Social Care In Vision (Last update 15.05.20)

To help you keep up to date with the social care sector, we have summarized some of the key highlights from the week. You can download the summary here. 

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Alternatively, please read the highlights here:

A) COVID-19 Testing in Care Homes

The Government has amended wording to the guidance on who and how to get tests for Care Home residents and Staff in England only. If you think you have an outbreak, and no-one has been tested you must contact your local health protection team first.

B) Data Collection

CQC are asking for all homecare providers to continue to complete the form from Monday-Friday, rather than seven days a week as may have previously been requested. The information provide helps CQC understand the impact of coronavirus on the people you care for, your workforce, and on your ability to deliver services. Registered managers will receive a daily update to remind them to complete the form. The reminder emails include a link which is unique to your location ID – this link can be bookmarked so you don’t have to wait for the reminder and can complete the tracker at a time that suits you. For more information click on the CQC link here

C) The Health and Wellbeing of Adult Social Care Workforce

Ahead of next weeks Mental Health Awareness Week, DHSC have published guidance for anyone who works in adult social care. It provides advice on how you can manage your personal mental health in the current circumstances. It also provides adult social care employers with guidance, tools and advice on how to take care of the wellbeing of staff at work. Next week, QCS will be posting tips and blogs on how you can look after yourself by making some small changes to your lifestyle. Check out our website for more up to date information.

D) Protecting Vulnerable Staff Groups

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Scientists are learning more about the virus and the disease. People from black, Asian and minority ethnic minority background make up 14 per cent of the population but, according to a recent research, account for 34 per cent of critically ill COVID-19 patients and a similar percentage of all COVID-19 case.  Other analysis of data has revealed that of 119 NHS staff known to have died in the pandemic, 64 % were from a BAME background. This is the context that only 20% of NHS staff are from a BAME background. Whilst it is not a clear picture and all the facts haven’t been explored, it’s important that the safety and wellbeing of all staff are assessed. In absence of guidance on for Social Care providers on risk assessing vulnerable staff groups, QCS have published a free risk assessment guide that can be downloaded here.

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