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Social Care In Vision (Last Update: 20.11.20)

Dementia Care
November 20, 2020

Download our Social Care Weekly update here, there’re different covid-19 highlights, such as the COVID-19 home test kit & Ordering medication via proxy access. 

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Or you can read the update here: 

COVID-19: People with learning disabilities had a higher death rate from COVID-19 – Press Release 12 November

Public Health England have reported that death rates for people with learning disabilities is six times higher from coronavirus. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Guidance on the COVID-19 home test kit – Published 13 November

The government has published a new guidance document on using the home test kit. For more information on the step by step guide click here.

COVID-19: Open consultation: stopping the movement of staff between care settings – Published 13 November

The government has outlined a new consultation on plans to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 by restricting the movement of staff. For more information click here.

COVI-19: Pilot for Family Members to get regular testing for safer care home visits – Press Release 14 November

A further press release on the new pilot programme for care homes has been released, setting out further information about the pilot. For more details click here.

COVID-19: Managing the COVID-19 pandemic in care homes for older people – Updated 16 November

The British Geriatric Society has updated guidance on supporting care homes during the pandemic, in particular with visiting. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment – local contacts for care providers – Updated 16 November

The government has updated local contact details for care providers to use that are not on the PPE portal; this will support in sourcing PPE for those providers. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Ordering medication via proxy access: guidance for care homes – Published 20 November

The NHS has published guidance on using proxy access to order medication for care homes, GP practices and pharmacists, to allow care homes to order repeat medication for service users on their behalf. For more information visit the resource centre for our factsheet on proxy access or click here.

COVID-19: Guidance for people receiving direct payments – Updated 18 November

The documents available from the government have been updated to reflect national policy  with sections added in relation to mental health support, accessing the winter flu vaccination and testing. For more information click here.

COVID-19: Reducing risk in adult social care – Updated 18 November

This guidance has been updated to include new clinical advice. For more information click here.

Policy Updates  

The Admissions during COVID-19 and the Re-opening to Visitors During COVID-19 policies and procedures have both been updated in light of the British Geriatrics Society guidance document.