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16th April 2020

These Rainbows are for you

These Rainbows are for you

For all the Care workers and Health workers we support and beyond


My Road

My road is a flurry of activity as people break open the paint.

..and there we have it! Another beautiful rainbow lovingly taped to a window, but there are many that have found their way into a box outside of my house for another purpose.

The box is for you..

This box is for you. This box is for all the key workers and collected to photograph so you can see the love we have for what you do.

What are we clapping for?

When each of us claps on a Thursday, we think of you. We are thankful for you, and I want to support you with more than my skills in policy.

We want to support you with our heartfelt thanks.

Take a peek
So take a look at the rainbows collected on my street, including one from me specifically to you.

For every day you care for someone with no one.
For each time you nurse the sick.
For every activity that brings joy and companionship.
For every minute you make conversation and bring comfort.
For every day you support those that cannot support themselves.

Thank you



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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist

Abi has worked for and with Government agencies relevant to social care for the past 12+ years. Primarily with the Department of Health, Social Services Inspectorate, Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) and since its inception the Care Quality Commission (CQC). As part of this long involvement Abi has developed a wide and detailed understanding of relevant issues and has worked closely with stakeholders such as people that use services, carers, providers, local government, the Department of Health, Ofsted and the Audit Commission. Read more

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