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21st May 2020

Mental Health Awareness: Top Tips To Support Senior Staff

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Mental Health Awareness Week takes place 18-24 May 2020; it aims to raise awareness of mental health issues and promote positive wellbeing. It provides an opportunity for you and your organisation to add mental health to the wider conversation. 

In these unprecedented times, it is becoming more important that we support, guide, advise and listen to staff who maybe overwhelmed by the volume of work and responsibility it entails. Anxiety can cause stress which can manifest physically in the body. Therefore, we have put together 10 top tips that can help you to support your senior staff.  Read here or download the guide with the button above! 

10 top tips to help you support your staff:

  1. Ensure all staff have easy access to the most up to date information to deliver safe care, such as printed copies of guidance.
  2. Ensure excellent communication by engaging daily with all senior staff, such as asking them for ideas and opinions. Make sure they understand the information given as they are frequently changing and can be daunting. This can be done by repeating information and asking for feedback. Remember a simple Thank You goes a long way.
  3. Ask and listen to them how they feel proactively. Give them time to respond. Try to have the conversation in a private area as most often, individuals will not want others to know.
  4. Signpost them to places that can support them, such as Samaritans, Women’s Aid, Breathing Space.
  5. Ensure no matter how busy staff are, they take regular breaks, consider supplying fresh healthy food for staff in a nice clean relaxation area.
  6. Why not consider having small sessions of meditation, even 15 mins therapy can have beneficial effects on mental wellbeing. There are some great free sessions available online. An example being Headspace which has a series of guided meditations.
  7. Consider stress relievers such as massage. Simply put a YouTube video on and get staff to massage each other’s shoulders. This does not have to be very long, 15 mins are enough to help reduce feelings of stress. Try this out with your staff who you know will enjoy it.
  8. Consider having a session on Psychological First Aid and encourage discussion between the team. They can always download the session and view at a later date. Signpost staff to the National Wellbeing Hub.
  9. Yoga is known for its benefits to the body and a great stress reliever. Why not facilitate a session for your staff on Yoga with Adrienne. Everyone at QCS enjoy thoroughly the Yoga sessions there.
  10. Develop a thank you card, put all these resources in and give to staff to take away.

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