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23rd March 2021

Visiting Professionals Testing Requirements (Last update: 23.03.21)

Any visiting professionals, such as GPs and District Nurses, to the service must not be allowed entry without a negative test result or if they meet the exemption criteria in line with Government guidance.


  1. Ask the visiting professional when their last test result was taken
  2. Request to see proof of the test result and the date it was completed
  3. Allow entry where you are satisfied of the visiting professional’s test result
  4. Where proof is not provided a risk-based decision will be made on whether to permit entry to the visiting professional. Take into account the reason and urgency of the visit

Please Note: the government’s default position is entry should not be permitted without proof of a negative result unless entry is required by law.

Check Exemptions 

In some instances, visiting professionals may not have a test result as they:

  • Have previously tested positive for COVID-19 and are within the 90-day window of not requiring a retest

Once the 90-day period is over, the visiting professional should commence their normal testing regime

Action - Evidence of the visiting professional’s positive PCR result should be taken as proof of entry

  • Received a void or invalid result, although uncommon these may also occur

A retest should be taken and if it happens again, the visiting professional can continue to work. A new test should be taken the next day

Action – Void/invalid results can be taken as proof of entry

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