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COVID-19 Vaccine Complacency: Why continuing to follow the guidance after being vaccinated is so important

Dementia Care
March 31, 2021

As the vaccination programme across the UK continues, and everyone receives their vaccines, it still remains extremely important that we continue to adhere to government guidelines.

Vaccines remain just one part of everyone being able to return to a normal life, alongside testing and maintaining safe behaviours that may be in place at the time.

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Alternatively, you can find out what rules you should follow after the covid vaccine here:

COVID-19 Vaccination Facts 

  • A full course of the COVID-19 vaccine reduces a person’s chances of becoming seriously ill from coronavirus
  • Once vaccinated, it will take a two-week period for your body to build up protection against COVID-19
  • No vaccines are completely effective and so additional precautions must continue to be taken
  • You may still be able to get or spread COVID-19 once vaccinated; studies are continuing in this area
  • Some people show no or mild symptoms of having coronavirus

Safe Behaviours to Protect Everyone

To support and maintain safe environments, everyone, even when vaccinated, must continue to:

  • Maintain social distancing from people outside of their household or support bubble
  • Wear face coverings in enclosed spaces
  • Wash their hands more frequently and use hand gel when required
  • Limit the number and frequency of social and physical contact outside of your household or support bubble
  • Meet people outside
  • Ventilate homes and workspaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19
  • Self-isolate if symptoms of COVID-19 develop
  • Follow any current government restrictions that are in place

Safe Working Behaviours

Within an adult social care setting everyone must also:

  • Wear the correct PPE for the support being provided to a service user
  • Continue to follow the testing regime in place at the service
  • Self-isolate where instructed to do so or as a result of a positive test result
  • Follow COVID-19 uniform care procedures
  • Follow all infection control procedures in place

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