CQC Fundamental Standards

Toolkits and Guidance to help you stay Compliant

The new Fundamental standards have profoundly changed the way the CQC carry out Inspections. At QCS, all of our customers are already reassured that all policies, procedures and compliance tools on our digital platform adhere to the new Fundamental Standards and reflect the change to the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOES) which the CQC are now using as the assessment framework to inspect Care providers. The QCS Compliance Management System includes over 50 brand new policies which help Care provides manage their business and prepare for any CQC inspection.

There are significant changes to the ordering, focus and content of the KLOES and the main changes QCS has made to reflect the CQC’s new criteria are:

  • All policies in the new format reflect the wording, numbering and content of the revised KLOES
  • Policies that haven’t yet been converted into the new format will still reflect the changes and show the most relevant new KLOE
  • The ‘Compliance Tools’ area of the management system that includes the Fundamental Standards and Mock Inspection policies have been fully reworked
  • The Mock Inspection toolkit policies have been fully revised with a full assessment of each Care service against each new KLOE that is based upon CQC judgement criteria.

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