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CQC Complaints Audit

Dementia Care

By law, all health and social care services must have a procedure for dealing efficiently with complaints.

Under CQC Regulation, 16 Receiving and acting on complaints, a providers complaint’s process must effectively identify, receive, record, handle and respond to complaints. Breach of the regulation could result in prosecution.

Good complaints handling is fundamental to providing a good service. Complaints allow providers to learn from mistakes and put things right for the people they support. As well as giving people they support a voice and say in how a service is run.

To assist you, QCS has updated its popular Complaints Audit which includes useful guidance that also takes into account the new CQC quality statements ‘Learning Culture,’ Responding to people’s immediate needs’ and Involving People.’ This will help you have the correct processes in place and to ensure you evidence continuous improvements across the service something that will become increasingly more important when the CQC new single assessment framework starts in 2023.

This audit helps registered managers and the quality assurance team to conduct a thorough examination into the complaints procedure at their service, whilst auditing service complaints from a user-led perspective. We have also provided sources of evidence to look for and an action plan.

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