CQC Well-led Poster – I statements

Dementia Care

Are you prepared for the rollout of the new single assessment framework in your area? It’s essential for your health and social care service to understand the changes.

It all begins with understanding the key question – the importance of good governance and compliance in health and social care.

Download the last in a series of CQC posters. While the well-led key question does not have any I statements, understand from this poster the ‘Well-led’ key question.

Key questions are the foundation of the regulations for health and social care. They reflect what CQC asks of all care services.

It will offer seamless compliance to stay ahead of regulatory requirements, including those set by the CQC. It will support staff training and equip your team with a deep understanding of requirements within the new assessment framework, and by understanding the key question, it will support making your services better and improving your standards through quality improvement.

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