Key Question and Quality Statement Poster: Responsive

Dementia Care

Are you responsive to the needs of the people you care for and support? 

Being responsive is one of the key areas you will be assessed against when the CQC rolls out its new single assessment framework later this year.  

Can you evidence: 

  • How your service and team provide person-centre care?
  • That the information you give is accessible and tailored to the individual’s communication needs?
  • How you are responding to, and handling complaints or feedback effectively?

To help you prepare and evidence your approach to this, QCS has created a poster detailing the areas that you will be assessed against, meaning you will be able to clearly demonstrate how you deliver high quality responsive care and support to service users. 

You will also be able to ensure that you and your team understand the new quality statements and how they are embedded in the culture of your service provision. 

Share this poster with your team today and start to discuss how your service can become more effective. 

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Download your FREE quality statements poster below.



*For QCS customers, you can download the poster from the resource centre. Go to admin, where you will find the new single assessment framework section.