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Roll out of CQC’s single assessment framework delayed until end of 2023

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CQC has said the roll out of the new single assessment framework has been pushed back to the end of 2023.

It was previously expected to start in January 2023.

Why is the single assessment not happening in January 2023?

The decision to delay the process follows a review by the regulator on its timeline for implementation and feedback from stakeholders.

It said some of the feedback included:

  • The importance of giving providers time to prepare for the changes to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. It said ‘it was important for us to consider the pace at which we were proposing to implement the complex changes’
  • The need for CQC to do more testing of the changes it had already released and to take feedback on board, before extending them to other services
  • The need to spend more time testing and developing future changes to make sure providers would be able to adapt to them smoothly

What happens now?

From spring, CQC will focus on:

  • making sure the technology it needs is in place and that it can test it with providers
  • being confident that the new regulatory approach is ready to launch

In summer, it will launch a new online provider portal. Support and guidance will be given to providers and the rollout will be phased in stages.

In the first stage:

  • providers will be able to submit statutory notifications
  • CQC will improve its enforcement process

Towards the end of 2023 CQC aim gradually to start to carry out assessments in the new way.

CQC has said it will provide regular updates and details during 2023 to ensure all providers are ready for the changes. It added: ‘we’re fully committed to giving providers plenty of notice to prepare fully and will be engaging with them throughout to ensure they feel they have the right information at the right time.’

Later this year, it will launch a campaign to ensure all health and social care providers understand what these changes are, what they mean for them and what they need to do to prepare for these changes being implemented. It is also urging providers to complete a survey to support this campaign.

Further Information

Read the CQC revised plan for the new regulatory approach