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Cyber CQC – Shading your information to show the quality of your service

Dementia Care
July 19, 2021


Promises Promises!

As we leaf through the CQC Strategy From 2021, we see a technological rebirth for the regulator; full of promises we have heard before, but with an assurance that they mean business this time.


It’s in the data

One source of data used multiple times, captured from partner organisations, engagement with stakeholders and from information directly submitted to CQC, ultimately lifting the burden from providers.


It’s happening!

The whole strategy seems to be in full swing, with some providers receiving emails advising them a review of the information CQC holds about them has been analysed and there is no need for an inspection or rating review at this time… or that there definitely is!


Like the 80’s Classic ‘Tron

So as things happen around you and whizz through the internet circuitry like the 80’s Disney Classic ‘Tron’, how do you make sure the data that shows your efforts is available?


Share CQC’s Feedback in Care

Yes, that’s right. When service users praise you and thank you for your support, remind them that they (or those acting on their behalf) can also give their feedback around the service they receive at .


Collate your own surveys – Throw the net wide

You should have this covered anyway – but how far are you casting the net? With a focus on the local area, have you asked your partners what they think of the interaction with your service? The podiatrist, hairdressers, entertainment, nurses and Drs? Everyone should have their say.


Quality of the data

Lastly, the quality of the data is important. If you are not sure how they have got to the conclusions they have –  request the data source from CQC and challenge it if you think it’s not adequate.


Here to help 

QCS is here to support providers through these changes and beyond – not quite like ‘Tron’; less 80s and more 2021, definitely more practical and without the bike and helmet!

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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