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Dealing with Rejection – CQC Refusals

September 15, 2016

Closeup portrait distrust young portrait of blonde woman whichI have to say I don’t deal well when there are flaws in my work.  It can feel personal and in that moment I think that people may think I am not good enough. These feelings can be the same when you are subject to a CQC refusal.

I completed a piece of work recently, and there were checks to make sure it was correct.  I had omitted something that 9 out of 10 times I would have picked up.   When I received feedback I wrote something smiley back like ‘Thank you so much for your input’, but inside I had a big knot and a feeling of failure.

After I had recounted this to a good friend they wrote to me and said ‘Laisse tombe, as they say in France – forget about it/ let it fall’

So how do we do that?  How do we ‘let it fall’?  Or, how do we fight if we need to?

CQC Refusal of an Application

If you have an application that is ‘incomplete’, CQC will save you the heartache of finding out not everything is in order by rejecting your application before it gets to the inspector.  The new online system means that it won’t let you proceed if you leave certain information out.  Don’t panic! This is not a refusal, but a chance to put in the correct information.

TOP TIP: Don’t leave putting in an application until the last minute. It takes the CQC 10 weeks to process applications, so make sure you build in the time you need so your business does not suffer.

Warning Signs

Whether you are in an interview, or have just had a site visit, if the CQC feel there are concerns, you should be aware they have by what they are saying to you.  I do not mean a coded message or a special hand gesture.  I mean verbal communication that they are either unclear about some of the information you have provided, or have concerns in certain areas.

Top Tip: This does not mean you will automatically receive a notice of proposal to refuse, but you could ask the inspector if you can provide further information or clarify your answer which may help their assessment.

Notice of Proposal

This will be the first piece of paperwork from CQC that will indicate their assessment.  A Notice of Proposal (NOP) to refuse is not a refusal in itself, but a proposal of what they wish to do.  This will give you 28 days to respond with evidence contrary to their notice. More information on appeals against NOPs and Notice of Decisions can be found here for registered managers and is similar for providers.

Top Tip: Make sure you read your notice thoroughly.  It may be that one of the regulated activities were not the right one and CQC is simply saying they do not think you provide it, rather than looking to refuse the whole application.

Top Tip: Make sure you respond in the timescales for NOP if you do not agree with the notice it can make CQC change their mind.

I am trying to find the good when things don’t go my way.  What would happen if things went forward without a ‘check or balance’? People could be affected far worse than my pride. If you find yourself in a position that you hoped you would not,try letting the feelings ‘fall’, and see it as an opportunity to succeed and come out stronger. Use the CQC information to inform change, but if it is not the whole picture – be sure to fight it!

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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