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03rd January 2014

Finally! A New Years Resolution you can stick to

list of resolutions on a blackboardAnother Year ends and a new one begins

It is the time of year when everyone is thinking about the New Year ahead, committing themselves to resolutions that will last three weeks - if you are lucky.  Whilst my colleagues and I are throwing out the leftovers of the Christmas chocs (no one eats the coffee ones anyway) and promising ourselves that we will be healthy, I can’t be certain how long my good intentions will last.

But - one commitment I will be giving a priority to is revising our Business Plan. January is a fantastic time to do this, to make plans and alter existing ones. I realise the importance of reviewing our plans for how the organisation operates and ensure these are being developed in a timely and cost effective way.

As a Registered Manager I know that some days all I seem to do is firefight, dealing with the here and now and being reactive to situations that occur each day. Being on hand to give guidance and advice to my colleagues is a key part of my role and that has to be 24 hours a day. When you work in this type of environment I know how hard it is to set aside time for certain tasks, so I try and bear this in mind when planning for the year ahead. What I don’t want to do is make unrealistic commitments that I know I will not be able to keep throughout the year (such as a healthy diet!).

A little pre-planning will help...

I have booked in Management Meetings for the next twelve months and will email the team to ensure they are aware in advance. I realise that Tuesday afternoons seem to be the quietest of the week (I have no idea why!) so these will be the days I book in supervision sessions for the office staff team.

In the current economic climate it is also important to ensure you have an updated financial forecast for the coming year, and review any existing contracts you operate to ensure you are getting the best deal in the long term rather than a fantastic deal early on only for prices to rise after a short time.

Thankfully, the Quality Compliance System already has a Business Plan included, that you can easily update which takes the headache and hassle out of reviewing your Business Plan. By reviewing our Business Plans and objectives for the coming year we can drive forward change and improve quality for the better, with a realistic plan of what we can achieve.

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Rosie Robinson

Domiciliary Care Specialist

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