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Easily Navigate every section of your food safety manual with standards, audits, signage and more. Everything you need can be located under the food safety tab.

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Created by the UK’s leading knowledge experts

Over 85 documents

Designed to meet care industry standards and practice with over 85 documents available that include easy to use standards, available in Word and PDF written by experts from within the Care Sector.

Kitchen signage

Easy to print material that can be printed and placed within your service to guide and advise your teams on safe practice.

Kept up to date

All information contained within the Food Safety Manual is maintained for you and reviewed at least yearly. Our system alerts you of any changes so that you can review your kitchen practices.

Meets the food safety act 1990 (as amended)

This legislation provides the framework for all food legislation in England, Wales and Scotland.

Upload your own documents

to supplement the system for an even more comprehensive and personalised Food Safety Manual.

Online customisation

Lets you change any over 13 fields that are customised to your care organisation.

Supports QA

Includes evidence tools, documentation and audits that demonstrate compliance with safe food practice.

Supports achievement of food rating

When integrated into operational use, this manual can support you with food inspections that result in achieving a successful food rating.

Local authority inclusion

Relevant documentation that provides the ability to add your local authority specific procedures and processes.

Risk assessments

for operational usage HACCP, Decision Trees and critical control point documents all support effective risk assessment and management.