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07th December 2020

Free Winter Driving Pocket Guide

Download our Winter Driving Pocket Guide here. You can print it out and follow the handy driving tips whenever you need to drive in the winter months.

Download Now

You can see what is included in the pocket guide here:

It is important to be prepared for driving in the winter months, as dark nights and colder weather draws in. Be sure to follow this pocket guide for some handy driving tips.

Always check your vehicle before commencing a journey:

  • Check you have plenty of fuel
  • Check oil levels within the vehicle
  • Ensure tyre pressure and tyre treads are checked
  • Check windscreen wipers for cracks and splits
  • Check the coolant levels of your vehicle
  • Check lights are working, and they are clean

Be prepared in the event of a breakdown during winter and ensure you have items in your vehicle that will support you if you are stranded:

  • Warm clothes
  • Torch
  • Basic tools such as a shovel for snow
  • Bottles of water
  • Emergency food supplies
  • Blankets

Winter driving tips:

  • Do not leave your fuel tank running low - you are more likely to use more fuel over winter
  • Plan your routes in advance
  • Look at weather forecasts
  • Stick to main roads and avoid rural areas
  • Drive to the conditions; driving slowly allows you to stop easier
  • Keep the car clear of snow, dirt, and ice to support visibility
  • Ensure your car is regularly serviced
  • Where a company car is used, report any concerns to your manager
  • Ensure your phone is fully charged

You can also insert useful contacts in the event of an emergency in a provided table in the pocket guide.

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