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14th July 2016

It’s Good to Talk

Care Roadshow Birmingham 2016 (144)For those of you old enough to remember Bob Hoskins advertising British Telecom ‘It’s good to talk’ was their strapline, it has stuck with me over the years and the sentiment was never truer than when QCS attended the Care Roadshow at Birmingham last week.

We met so many people that at the end of the day we had almost lost our voices!

It was good to meet existing clients and was so reassuring to hear all their positive feedback about our management system, and to also hear about suggestions from them about how it could be improved. This connection is vital for us to really understand people’s experiences so we can make things even better.

It was also great to talk to people that were unfamiliar with our system, and able to explain the benefits that it can provide, and to share our new policy format, which people have been universally impressed with!Care Roadshow Birmingham 2016 (121)

The event also gave me an opportunity to run a seminar on what providers can do to increase their chances of being rated outstanding by the CQC – I really enjoy the chance to share my knowledge and experience and going by the number of people that wanted to talk to me afterwards, it hit chord with the audience as well.

These events are so important for us to engage with people, and it is so refreshing to meet the faces that are usually on the other end of the phone.

We had such a great day at the Roadshow, and can’t wait for the next one in Cardiff, and hopefully meet more clients and share our passion for compliance with more people!

Find out more about the Care Roadshow in Cardiff and sign up for free tickets by clicking here



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Ed Watkinson

Residential Care & Inspection Specialist

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