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GP Weekly Update (Last update: 09.04.21)

Dementia Care
April 9, 2021

Download this week’s GP Weekly Update here which features the following highlights:

  • Video Consultations
  • GP Contract 2021/22 Reminders
    1. Online Booking Contract Requirement
    2. Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) and Patient Consent
    3. GP Workforce terms and conditions
    4. Cervical screening
    5. Obesity and weight management
    6. Patient record transfer
    7. Vaccinations and Immunisations
    8. QOF Indicators for 2021/22
  • State-backed Indemnity in General Practice
  • Being a Company Director

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Video Consultations

From 1 April 2021 Practices must provide to patients the offer and use of video consultations as well as online consultations, as part of the ‘core digital offer’. However, since a national contract was set up under GPIT Futures in March 2020, as part of the emergency response to the pandemic, most Practices have already been offering video consultations under this contract. Some Practices had local arrangements in place for video consultations much sooner than this and many more are now establishing local contracts.

A transition period for the national contract for video consultations for general practice has been formally signed off by NHS England, and Practices that are using any video consultation products under the national contract can continue doing so. Practices will be provided with the tools and functionality, and the cost of the national contract will be paid centrally, via CCGs. Practices should liaise with their CCG and/or PCN about the development, support and funding of online video consultation systems.

There are various resources available regarding video consultation that may be helpful, including the QCS Video Consultations Policy and Procedure, and ‘Video Consultations – Digital Primary Care’ on the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform.

GP Contract 2021/22 Reminders

GP Contract Changes 2021/22 Supporting General Practice 2021/22 letter was issued by NHSEI and the BMA on 21 January 2021 which set out proposed changes to the GP contract, including the global sum increase by £3.32 (3.5%) to £96.78. Here’s a reminder of some of the changes and agreements which came into force on 1 April 2021:

  • Online Booking Contract Requirement

Those Practices which have implemented and operate a ‘total-triage’ / ‘triage-first’ model do not have to meet the 25% online booking contract requirement

  • Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) and Patient Consent

The removal of the requirement for patient consent in use of eRD made under the pandemic regulations has become a permanent change. The NHSBSA also has eRD resources for Practices

  • GP Workforce terms and conditions

NHSEI will carry out a data collection survey to get an accurate baseline of current terms and conditions of practice staff, and good practice guidance will follow later in the year, including transparency of general practice gender pay gap information

  • Cervical Screening

Transfer of the cervical screening additional service into essential services

  • Obesity and Weight Management

The introduction of a new obesity and weight management enhanced service

  • Patient Record Transfer

A more timely transfer (28 days) of patient records when patients move between practices

  • Vaccinations & Immunisations

Changes to the payment mechanism and incentives to increase vaccine coverage and population outcomes (particularly for childhood immunisations – with the 70%/90% DES targets removed) and a monthly ‘aspiration payment’ similar to QOF, based on previous achievement, which will be reconciled at year-end

  • QOF Indicators for 2021/22
    1. New vaccination and immunisation domain (NM) with targets for patients aged from birth to 80 years old
    2. Agreed serious mental health (MH) and cancer (CAN) QOF indicators, points and thresholds, including patients with schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder and other psychoses
    3. QOF points also increase from 567 to 635 (with the QOF point value increased by £6.33 (3.3%) to £201.16) and remote working when clinically necessary will continue to be an acceptable way of delivering QOF reviews

Further information on the GP contract 2021/22, including the latest updates, can be found on the BMA website.

State-backed Indemnity in General Practice

In April 2019, the DHSC established the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP), which covers incidents occurring from 1 April 2019. Since 6 April 2020, members of the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland (MDDUS) have been covered by the Existing Liabilities Scheme for General Practice (ELSGP) for certain NHS work carried out before 1 April 2019.

The document ‘Indemnity in general practice: further information’ sets out progress that has been made in the development of a state-backed indemnity scheme including, from Thursday 1 April 2021, existing and former general practice members of the Medical Protection Society (MPS) are also covered by the scheme. More information about the ELSGP can be found on the NHS Resolution website.

Being a Company Director

For Practices with Company Directors, Companies House has updated it’s guidance to include a directors’ toolkit, a video and links to more online guidance, to help people understand their role as a company director and their responsibilities to Companies House.


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