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GP Weekly Roundup (Last update: 30.04.21)

Dementia Care
April 30, 2021

See below some GP highlights from this week, gathered from our team here: 

  • COVID-19: Vaccination Programme
  • COVID-19: Supporting Pregnant Women
  • COVID-19: Keeping Workplaces Safe as Restrictions are Eased
  • Domestic Abuse Codeword – Ask for ANI
  • Supporting Adult Carers Webinar
  • CQC GP Mythbusters

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COVID-19: Vaccination Programme

From this week, 42-year-olds (and those who are due to turn 42 by 1 July 2021) are invited to book their COVID vaccination. A decision on inviting 40-41 year olds to book will be made very shortly, in line with available supply.

The priority is still to ensure that there is sufficient capacity for those who need to book or re-book a 2nd dose appointment, as well as reserving sufficient supply to be able to deliver an ‘evergreen’ offer of vaccination for anyone in cohorts 1-9 who has yet to come forward.

More than 33.9 million people in the UK have received their first dose, while more than 13.5 million have received two doses, according to the latest government figures. With the recent announcement that an extra 60 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine have been ordered by the UK government, the expectation is that the most vulnerable groups will be offered another jab before next winter.

COVID-19: Supporting Pregnant Women

NHSEI published guidance at the end of last year which set out the expectation that the emotional wellbeing of pregnant women should be supported. Pregnant women can be accompanied to all appointments and throughout birth and should be supported to do this by:

  1. Undertaking a risk assessment – to identify any elevated risk of COVID-19 transmission
  2. Making changes to the configuration of space used to provide care – whilst providing appropriate infection prevention and control measures
  3. Using any available testing capacity – including the national rollout of lateral flow testing to help mitigate infection risks

A number of GP practices still have restrictions in place and are asked to lift these as soon as possible, in line with the guidance to trusts.

COVID-19: Keeping Workplaces Safe as Restrictions are Eased

As the economy reopens, all businesses should continue to follow the relevant government guidance on working safely and put in place measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The HSE has sources of advice on keeping workplaces safe as restrictions are eased and provides the latest information on any changes related to workplace safety.

The following workplace controls remain unchanged:

Domestic Abuse Codeword – Ask for ANI

Lockdowns during the pandemic has meant that those suffering domestic abuse have been unable to seek the help and support they desperately need, and the cases of domestic abuse has significantly increased due to spending more time indoors.

Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) is a code-word scheme launched by the Home Office that can be used by anyone affected by domestic abuse. If said in a pharmacy that supports the scheme, the person suffering the abuse will be offered support and advice in a discreet way.

This guide provides information about understanding domestic abuse and the Ask for ANI codeword scheme and training materials are available for staff to ensure they are trained to respond. #YouAreNotAlone

Supporting Adult Carers Webinar

This webinar, led by NICE and recorded on 25 March 2021, focuses on NICE’s Supporting adult carers guideline and upcoming quality standard, which covers the provision of support for adults who provide unpaid care for people with health and social care needs.

CQC GP Mythbusters

The CQC GP mythbusters clear up some common queries about inspections and provides guidance to best practice. With some face to face inspections of GP services, independent doctors, clinics and out-of-hours services resuming, here is the full list of tips and mythbusters by latest update.


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