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25th June 2021

HSE Update – 24th June 2021

Update: HSE Computer Systems

Three-quarters of the HSE's computer servers have now been unlocked after last month's cyberattack. The ransomware attack on May 14th severely disabled a number of systems leading to the complete shutdown of the HSE's computer network.

Paul Reid, Director General of the HSE says it's taking some time to restore. 75% of the computer servers locked by the hackers, have now been decrypted. It is not known how long it will take to decrypt the final 25%. Mr. Reid said “Decryption takes much longer than the original encryption, and eradication involves additional tasks to ensure that the perpetrators have no access route back into our systems. Although we can effectively decrypt data, that is only one element. The malware must also be eradicated.”

Mr. Reid warned that the immediate financial cost incurred by the attack will be around €100m, but there will be a large long-term cost also.

70% of the HSE's end-user devices (such as laptops) are now available again to staff and some appointment details have now returned. The HSE's chief operations officer, Anne O'Connor said that while the larger, voluntary hospitals in the eastern part of the country were less impacted than was the case in other areas, outpatient appointments there are still badly affected, with only about half of these going ahead. The most badly affected areas have been general outpatients and radiology appointments.

The impact of the attack continues: there will continue to be interruptions to services for many more weeks to come.

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