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Initial experience setting up with QCS Dental management system

Dementia Care
July 29, 2020

Now more than ever, Rachel Linfoot, as a Dental Practice Manager, recognises the need for a high-quality compliance system. A management system that allows her to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing Coronavirus guidance, and most importantly keep her staff and patients safe. 

In the upcoming weeks, Rachel will be sharing her onboarding experience with QCS. To start, she is reviewing the setup process as well as her initial impressions of the system. 

Working as a Primary Care Contributor for QCS, I already knew the policies were great, what I didn’t know was what the system was like from a customer point of view.As well as working with QCS, I am also a Dental Practice Manager in need of a compliance system (now more than ever) so I decided to trial the system and give honest feedback of what it is like to use.

I was so relieved that the initial set up was really easy.

I provided my practice details and within minutes my account was set up and I was in the system and having a look from a client’s point of view.

The activation email told me that I could watch a tour of the system and I can register to watch their Power User webinar which is so useful as I can do this at my leisure. The email says I can download the QCS app, so I downloaded this and logged in.

The app gave me a little tour around the system, and I saw that I could receive notification alerts when new policies are released or updated; that’s good so I won’t miss any changes.

I then logged into the main system and as expected there are some terms and conditions to read through and confirm I was ok with – once I had done this I was ready to go!

I was given the option to start a tour of the system, or to explore on my own. I decided to take the tour and I was directed to a help sidebar which offers an FAQ and video tab. There are five FAQ’s that seem to cover the main areas and will be really useful for me and my team:

  • How can I view all policies in an area?
  • How do I search for a policy?
  • How can I create an index of all policies on the system?
  • How do I download a QCS policy in word format?
  • How do I email a policy?

At the bottom of the page there is an option to open the help centre dashboard. The Help centre dashboard welcomed me and again asked if I wished to take a tour. I could browse topics, enter keywords, or watch a pre-recorded webinar to help me with the system. I saw lots more advice including video’s and most viewed questions; this area is very comprehensive with lots of videos and useful information. If there was anything else I needed to know, I saw that I could send an email or send suggestions on how to improve the system.

Initial thoughts

The system looks straightforward, the main screen policy centre shows me what policies there are and ones that have been updated in the past 30 days – useful for changes to policies when I don’t have time to look myself.

There is a Covid-19 hub with policies and updates including a practice re-opening policy, clinical waste disposal policy, PPE and of course the coronavirus policy – I think all practice managers would agree that this is extremely useful.

There is a notification icon that alerts me when policies have been updated or added so I never miss an update – very clever!

Reading lists can be set up for team members to read the policies so alerts come up for them when they log into the system – this sounds like it will make my life easier – so far so good!

Next week I will be reviewing navigating the dashboard and setting up the system details, so it holds all the practice details, which are automatically added to my practice’s policies.


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