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International Day of Happiness

Dementia Care
March 19, 2021

A smile in the health and social care sector.

The Pandemic has impacted on our lives in many ways. One area of concern is our mental health and well-being, with the lockdown and isolation causing an increasing need for support. Experts are concerned that this will and has had an impact on suicide rates.

The health and social care sector has faced many issues, including the restrictions placed on family visits and taking extra measures to be covid secure.

International day of happiness comes just as the Government have announced that care home residents can have one regular visitor and with more than 23 million COVID-19 vaccinations being administered.

Why not celebrate this, in a socially distanced way on the 20th March.

The five ways suggested to make someone happy are:

Make someone smile:

You could capture a smile in a photograph and share with the other family members. You could also do this via a digital conferencing call, to a close relative or friend.

Make yourself smile:

Do something for you. Eat something you like, watch something you like or just take time for yourself.

If you are completing an educational course get that assignment completed, that has been hanging around for ages. If it is the last one you have to do. Just think how holding that certificate will make you feel.


Reflect on what makes you happy (think about everything that makes you happy). Share your thoughts with service users, family or colleagues Ask them to share theirs.

Give thanks:

Thank your team for their hard work. Give a small reward. If you cannot afford small gifts, just saying thanks in a team meeting has the same impact.

Happiness Habits:

According to the CEO of project happiness, Randy Taran, there are 7 happiness habits.

Some you could consider are:

  • Regular exercise
  • Getting your chores done
  • Speaking to friends and family (online if necessary)
  • Taking regular education and being more informed. Always have drive and passion
  • Say thank you often. Show you value your team, family and friends
  • Only try to control that which you know you can. Don’t try to move a mountain. Plan practice improvements or business developments one at time

These all sound like perfect habits (or knowledge, skills and behaviours), for Managers in the health and social care sector to show.

You have dealt with so much, now is the time to spread some happiness and don’t forget yourself.


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