Everything you need for Food Safety in a Care Setting

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February 9, 2021



What is the QCS Food Safety Manual?

The Food Safety Manual was produced to offer a streamlined way for anyone with responsibility for food provision to deliver this safely at every stage, from the point of ordering it, during its preparation and through to its delivery.

The Food Safety Manual contains everything you (and your team) need to assure your customers and regulatory bodies that you (and your team) comply, are competent, trained and have the necessary measures in place to deliver and review your processes for safe food delivery.

Why do I need the QCS Food Safety Manual?

There are a number of resources available for people to access information on how to run a safe catering business. However, the Food Safety Manual has consolidated all of the research, regulation and legislation that we must follow, into a workable manual.

What is included in the Food Safety Manual?

The Food Safety Manual is indexed for ease of access and is structured in the following way:


  •  Critical Control Points

We have identified 5 key risk areas that may apply to your business, such as using a temporary kitchen, cooking with BBQs or cooking and cooling joints of meat. The Critical Control Points offer a visual flowchart on the key areas that you must ensure are followed and considered.

  • Decision Trees

The Food Safety Manual includes 8 decision trees to refer to. The decision trees are here to help you with your action plan in order to comply with food safety requirements.

  • Forms

The ’Forms’ section is the working area of the manual, where you and your team can complete in order to evidence and demonstrate the level of compliance.

  • Guidance Signage

11 Signs are included in the manual to support raising awareness and to alert your customers and staff about essential information.

  • HACC

The manual offers 13 completed risk assessments that cross reference to other documents in the manual to ensure that you can evidence that you have taken steps to eliminate, mitigate and manage risk.

  • Standards

18 standards are provided that detail the procedures to follow for all aspects of safe food practice.

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You can download our Kitchen Cleaning Schedule for free, one of many resources from the Food Safety Manual here

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