Jobs for People with Learning Disabilities

Dementia Care
August 23, 2019


This year, My Life My Choice is running a campaign about jobs for people with learning disabilities. We think this is a very important issue and more needs to be done. Here’s why…

65% of people with learning disabilities want a paid job but less than 6% have one.

This is a lot less than the general population.

Jobs are important for lots of reasons. Wages help people to lead independent lives and have the money to do things they want.

People in work also tend to have better social lives, emotional well-being and mental health.

Our Trustee Andy, who works at the Co-op, says, “I enjoy my job, especially when I meet new people like the customers. I’m not just sitting down doing nothing”

At My Life My Choice, we employ 4 learning disabled consultants, and pay 49 other people with learning disabilities for their work.

We know that once you make some adjustments, people with learning disabilities can work and are really great.

Adjustments do not need to be complicated or costly. For example, they could include putting things in easy read or pairing someone up with another member of staff for support.

As such, we are asking organisations that work with people with learning disabilities to make sure at least 1% of their workforce is people with learning disabilities.

1% is less than it should be (2.3% of the UK workforce has a learning disability) but it is a good start.

We think it is really important that organisations that work with people with learning disabilities lead the way in employing them so that they are actually representative of the people they represent.

As Steve Scown, Dimensions CEO, said:

“If you’re running a company in the UK today and not employing people with learning disabilities and autism, get your act together. You’re missing out on employing people who are hard workers and great colleagues; employees who will make a positive difference to your company.” 


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