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08th May 2014

The King’s Crown!

????????????????????????????Mouth Cancer Awareness

Although it’s a bit early, as Mouth Cancer Awareness Month is November 2014, it is time to think about stocking the Blue Ribbon Badges at the reception desk and for the whole team to be wearing them in support of the campaign.  The target for this year is £10,000.

Also in support, a very special guest is in the UK this year - ‘The King’, Elvis himself.  Yes you read it here first, Elvis is touring again!  Or at least his dental crown is. The dental crown worn by Elvis Presley (or actually just made for him)  is doing the rounds of a number of practices taking part in the campaign.  Nicknamed "The King's Crown", it was made by the star's former dentist Henry J Weiss, and will be accompanied around the country by Elvis impersonators.

The crown comes with five letters of authenticity, from the wife and sons of the dentist, and Joe Esposito, Presley's road manager.  The first stop on the tour was Malvern , from where it travels to a further 10 venues across England, Scotland and Wales.

The King's Crown tour dates

  • 30th April - Beacon Dental Care, Malvern
  • 2nd May - Lubiju Dental, Edinburgh
  • 6th May - Dentistry on the Square, Glasgow
  • 14th May - Greyholme Dental, Cheltenham
  • 19th May - Appledore Dental, Milton Keynes
  • 22nd May - Brightside Dental, London
  • 27th May - Hanover House Dental, Tonbridge
  • 29th May - Appledore Dental, Bracknell
  • 6th June - Advance Dental, Lakin Drive, Barry
  • 10th June - Smile Style Dental, Stafford
  • 17th June - Castle Park Dental, Hull

In this Universe?

It is actually owned by Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, who bought it at auction for £6,500.
He also owns one of John Lennon's teeth, from which he has expressed an ambition to clone the former Beatle.  Dr Zuk buys the teeth of dead celebrities and is quoted as saying "I think I've captured the two biggest [celebrities'] teeth possible and I'm hoping it will make other dentists jealous so they will buy them off me later."

If anyone is actually in a rush to do this, his contact details accompany the crown too.  I am not sure what John Lennon would actually say if he comes back as a clone, maybe – “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one!” He did actually say – “Count your life by smiles, not tears.” And I think that’s a good place to end.

The mouth cancer awareness contacts are below -

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John Shapter

Dental Specialist

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