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08th November 2013

Lively Team Meetings

Last week’s highlight of my working week was a team meeting. The meeting was arranged for all the care staff working on a particular double up block in one area.

The reason the meeting was called was that concerns had been raised by the team working in the morning and some concerns raised by the team working in the evenings.

These girls very rarely- if ever- see one another. Getting them together seemed like the best way forward. And oh what a lively meeting it was!

I advised all present that this wasn’t my meeting, it was theirs. They could discuss anything service related and the one rule was that they must not talk over one another.

They have a penchant for communicating with one another by leaving little notes reminding the opposite team what not to forget.  Their one shared goal is that they only want the very best care for their clients. And their passion and dedication is plain to see.

The two teams hotly debated a number of issues.

The day team complained that they were annoyed they had to keep putting the rubbish out for one lady- when the night team should do it. The night team complained that the walk down the alleyway to the bin shed at night was quite frightening. The night team offered to leave the rubbish outside the back door so the morning team would go to the bin shed.

They discussed the pros and cons of using a new profiling chair that most of the team had never seen before.  One member of the team had an experience of using the chair so advised on the best way to comfortably transfer a non compliant male client with the least amount of fuss.

The day team agreed to leave the blinds at a certain angle so that one lady is not sat in darkness during the darker afternoons and people can see in. They also suggested speaking to the son about buying a timer so the lamp turns on before the evening staff arrive.

They also discussed the best way to encourage one lady who was terrified of using the hoist and came up with some innovative and unusual ideas.

You cannot underestimate the power of good communication. It was a highly rewarding session and lots of issues were discussed and resolved. By allowing a team to share good practice and their own ideas it can only improve the quality of care for the clients that they visit each day.

I advised the Care Manager we would be arranging another one in 3 months time. She has said she will prepare by buying ear plugs.

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Rosie Robinson

Domiciliary Care Specialist

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