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06th February 2017

More from NHS Digital

Really useful timetable

On 10 January, NHS digital uploaded a spreadsheet which may be worth printing off. It is a live collection timetable and it tells you about all the different types of GP collections and GP payments for January, February and March 2017.

GP Payments from NHS digital

NHS Digital has uploaded, what I think is, a really useful document on the GP payments and collections area of the website. This will be of particular interest to new managers who are trying to grasp the GP payments system. Equally, existing managers will find it a useful checklist tool for payments to ensure they can cross-check the payments they receive so that nothing is missing. With all the changes, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with ensuring you have made all your claims, but this aid memoire is helpful.

The link to the live collection timetable is here:

The headings - GP collections timetable

GP Collections timetable 2016/17 Updated: 10/01/2016. For more information on these services, click on the “More info” links below

Services that generate a payment – Manual entry is currently restricted in CQRS until the day after data from the automatic GPES collection is complete.

Services that do not generate a payment – Manual entry required at all times Manual entry is currently restricted in CQRS until the day after the extract’s achievement date.

In brief NHS digital, have listed what generates a payment and what does not, which is a very useful document when you are checking you have received all your payments.

Services that generate a payment

Services that generate a payment - manual entry required at all times

Services that do not generate a payment

Services supported by CQRS for participation only (data can be viewed in GPES)


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Michelle Broutta

GP Specialist

In December 2014, Michelle joined the Care Quality Commission as a Specialist Advisor (SpA), Practice Manager. Michelle works with the Inspection team and inspects primary medical services. To date, Michelle has inspected around 60 GP practices across the country.

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