Need some ideas for Christmas activities? Download the free NAPA Activities Guide now! | QCS

Need some ideas for Christmas activities? Download the free NAPA Activities Guide now!

Dementia Care
December 8, 2020

Download the free NAPA Activities Guide here:

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The emotional and physical wellbeing of those with care and support needs and those who care for them must be our absolute priority at this time. The provision of activity is not the sole responsibility of one person however, the whole team can be fully involved in an activity and engagement-based model of care.

Christmas this year is going to be different for many with Covid-19, however, care home teams will always make sure to celebrate ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ with the service users safely under the current restrictions. The NAPA Activities Guide has plenty of safe and fun activities that you can print out and have a great time with the residents!

Here are some of our favourite activities from the guide:

Doily Hoop Art

What you need:
+ Embroidery hoops – any size, some residents may find it easier with the
larger ones
+ Doilies, a selection of patters and sizes to match the hoops
+ Choose if you want to decorate your hoop and make it a dream catcher. (Leather straps, lava beads
and feathers look good). Or you could just leave them without and hang as they are

What you do:
1. Choose your doily and hoop.
2. Loosen the screw in the embroidery hoop so that you can put the doily between the inner and outer rings.
3. When the doily is centred, screw the hoop back together. Then stretch the cloth by pulling it. Remember to pull a bit at a time. Old doilies can be fragile.
4. Cut off the overflow.


Photo Christmas Tree

All you need is a wall, lots of photos and some willing participants. There is no need to ruin the photos, use blu tack to attach photos to the wall in the shape of Christmas tree. It will attract clients, visitors and staff and generate lots of social interaction. Smaller trees can also be made on bedroom walls.

What you do:
1. Make a rough sketch with chalk (not a permanent pen!) on a wall and away you go.
2. Depending on the size of the tree it may take a couple of days to make. So, lots of people can participate at different times and share the work.
3. Place decorations and Christmas lights on your tree if you have them available. They can also be attached with blu-tack.


Online Crosswords 

Crosswords and a coffee – Using your Skype, you could have your own coffee morning and crossword between 2 or more people.  The link below gives daily puzzles which you can both access the same crossword in your own home.


What you need:
+ PC, tablet or smart phone
+ Internet access
+ Printer (optional)

What you do:
1. Follow the link above and have a coffee ready. Arrange with a friend or relative when you want to do the crossword together online and connect using skype.
2. You may need to print the crossword out using a printer or have two windows open on the screen one side the puzzle and the other the skype call, which ever you find easier.

For more engaging activities, download the guide for free here!

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