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NAPA – What do we mean by Activity Providers?

Dementia Care
September 15, 2016

Senior woman wearing big sunglasses doing funky actionOften we have to explain this term, especially as it forms part of our charities title. We have debated an alternative over the years but have yet to find anything better so we’ll stay with it for now. Across the care sector, we are commonly known as NAPA and as a charity that “punches above its weight” so changing the name certainly doesn’t seem like a good idea.

The National Association for Providers of Activities celebrates its 20th birthday next year and we aim to make the most of it. We want everyone to know that Activity is everything you do. It could be from opening your eyes in the morning to going to sleep at night. While your eyes are engaged your brain is too!

What is an Activity?

If you are sitting by a window watching the clouds go by, you are doing an Activity. The important question is “Are you enjoying it?” If you are, your well-being will be high. If you are not you may feel low, sad, depressed even angry if you don’t have the means to move away from the window. I hope this illustrates that an activity has to have meaning for you if it is to be beneficial.

Activity has often been seen as something that happens at fixed periods of time. That might be the case if you are a regular at a coffee morning or enjoy a weekly exercise class but choosing what to wear is also an Activity. Just opening the curtains in the morning and seeing what the weather looks like is a daily Activity for many. What you see can definitely change your mood!

Who is an Activity Provider?

So, who might be a Provider? The easy answer is anyone. It could be a paid care worker, the postman who stops for a chat, or a dedicated Activity Coordinator. Many of the Providers that we work with don’t realise the important part they play in supporting people to have a great quality of life. We hear a lot about the quality of care, but unless it sits hand in hand with quality of life it can never achieve real well-being for folk. The World Health Organisation defines Healthy Ageing as “A state of complete physical, mental and social well–being not merely the absence of health”.

NAPA Can Help

Our aim at NAPA is for every care and support setting to be full of life, love and laughter. We value the uniqueness of every person and their right to a meaningful conversation every day. It seems like a simple aim but many people across the UK don’t get to engage in the simplest Activity of all – a conversation that they enjoy. We believe in the right to person-centred, meaningful engagement with choice and control over how people spend their time. Also, we value Activity Provision which is respectful, creative, innovative and fun supported by skilled staff.

We are so committed to upskilling people in this vital element of care that we have developed, and deliver, nationally recognised qualifications that support Activity Provision. It’s not rocket science to provide activities but it often requires a different approach. As a charity we work hard to support anyone that wants to join us on this journey to a great quality of life for all.

If you want to know more about how to become a member and what we can offer, visit the NAPA website.


Sylvie Silver
Sylvie Silver

Activities Specialist


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