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New CQC Registered Manager Checklist (Last update: 30.11.20)

November 30, 2020

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Requirements Relating to Registered Managers

The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 7 intends to ensure that people who use services have their needs met because the regulated activity is managed by an appropriate person. This is the role of the Registered Manager who should be in day-to-day charge of carrying out the regulated activity or activities they apply to be registered for. They must:

  • Be of good character
  • Be able to properly perform tasks that are intrinsic to their role
  • Have the necessary qualifications, competence, skills, and experience to manage the regulated activity
  • Have documents that confirm their suitability

The Registered Manager must be able to demonstrate that they comply with the relevant regulations and can demonstrate their fitness to be the Registered Manager. Registered Managers are responsible for maintaining their own registration. When a Registered Manager leaves a location or a provider, they must apply to vary or cancel their registration – this is the Registered Manager’s responsibility, not the provider’s.

CQC inspectors will often use the Registered Manager as the key contact to make arrangements for an inspection, both beforehand and on the day. When the CQC inspects, it usually holds introductory and feedback sessions with the Registered Manager. However, if they are not available, the CQC inspector will liaise with another Partner or the Practice Manager.

Here is a checklist to assist Registered Managers:

Applying as a new Registered Manager
You will need to submit your application online, not by post (due to COVID-19)
Yes No Comments / Actions
Have you read the CQC Guide to the application process for new Registered Managers?
Have you completed your DBS (formerly CRB) disclosure?
References Yes No Comments / Actions
Do you have the details of your full employment history? See References.
Do you have the contact details for your own GP (name, address, and phone number)?
Do you have contact details for a professional referee (which should be your last employer)?
Are you aware that you will be asked to make a declaration that you are medically fit to carry out the role you are applying to be registered for?
The Application Form Yes No Comments / Actions
Are you applying for registration online using the CQC Provider Portal?
If no, you will need to send your application to the CQC on the new Registered Manager application. N/A during COVID-19
Will more than one location be included in the application?
If yes, there is also a supplementary section to the form for managers where more than one location is included in the application. You will need to use one copy of this section for each additional location.
Final Checks (before submitting your forms) Yes No Comments / Actions
Final checks and common errors.
Have you checked that all the details in the manager application match those in the provider details section?
Has a provider application been submitted yet?
Do you have a valid CQC-countersigned DBS certificate?
Is your DBS certificate in date, i.e. within the last 11-12 months?
Do the regulated activities in the Registered Manager application match those in the provider application?
Is the Data Protection Act statement and application declaration signed and dated (when the application form is completed/submitted)?
Have the location details been completed?
Are the provider details completed correctly?
Submitting your Application Yes No Comments / Actions
Information and details here.
Are you applying online using the CQC Provider Portal?

(If yes, all you need to do is click ‘Submit’ once you have completed all the relevant sections of the online form)

Are you are sending your application using the CQC Word form?

(If yes, once you have received the green copy of your DBS check and completed your application form, you are ready to submit)

Are you applying as a new Registered Manager as part of a new provider application?

(If yes, you should submit all the forms together)

Have you sent all your forms using email wherever possible to [email protected]?
If you wish to make changes to your application (before you have received a Notice of Decision (NoD) – see below) have you completed the Application Amendment request form?
Next Steps Yes No Comments / Actions
Information and details here.
Has the CQC confirmed receipt of (validated) your application?

(A letter should arrive from the CQC within 5 working days of receipt of your application)

Have you prepared for the Registered Manager interview?

(see the list of questions in the CQC Registered Manager Application and Interview Policy and Procedure)

Are your nominated individual and manager (if you have them) prepared for a site visit or involvement in the interview (if necessary)?
Have you received a Notice of Decision to register (NoD) from the CQC?
Or have you received a Notice of Proposal to Refuse (NoP)?
If you have received a Notice of Proposal to Refuse (NoP), have you made representations to the CQC if you do not agree?

(You have 28 calendar days to do so)

Once you are registered, you will need to keep your details up to date. Find out more on making changes to your registration, such as:

  • Changes to regulated activities
  • Changes to conditions and locations
  • Changes to partnerships
  • Moving to new premises (new office)


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