Nursing Home

Distinct from a care home is a nursing home.

Nursing Home

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Distinct from a care home is a nursing home.  The service is largely the same except for one crucial difference, in a nursing home a registered nurse (there may be more than one) will be on hand to administer treatment, whereas in a care home they will instead have access to a community nurse to provide this service. A nursing home will also have a whole raft of additional medical equipment on hand.

Research published by the CQC demonstrated that 96% of care homes (with and without nursing) successfully identified the changing healthcare needs of its residents through meetings and monitoring.  However, 30% of nursing homes failed to have a “do not attempt to resuscitate” policy in place, and of that 30% only 37% of the staff employed received training on it. 35% reported that they sometimes had problems getting medicines to residents on time.

All of these findings demonstrate that there are very real challenges facing care homes in delivery consistently high quality care, so reliable policy and procedure support is more than just a luxury, but is instead a vital tool in ensuring the success of safe and excellent care delivery.

Registration and Inspection

Currently there are 4,659 Nursing Homes registered with the Care Quality Commission. All of which are subject to rolling inspections to ensure that CQC Outcomes are being met in conjunction with the Essential Standards.

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