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If Only People Believed that Honesty is the Best Policy….

August 12, 2014

If only people believed that honesty ...I’m confident that many of us will have watched the episode of The Apprentice when the hopeful candidates have their CVs scrutinised by the panel members at the interview stage. There’s always some information that has been embellished and it’s usually an important part of the candidates’ working history or achievements. It’s clear there are no limits to the lengths that candidates will go to inflate qualifications and experiences to get that job.

CIFAS report

The CIFAS (the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service) has produced a report advising new graduates of problems they will face when lying on applications forms by inflating their CVs. The report states that in the most exceptional cases students may face imprisonment for lying on their CVs. Report

Whilst you may think it’s straightforward that an individual should not be employed on account of lies, unfortunately it’s often not that clear-cut. Consider each case separately, look at all the facts and consider the relevance to the employment in question. Sometimes the lie might be understandable, for example if the individual fears unlawful discrimination.

Research shows that interviews are the most relied upon method of recruitment, but it’s only once the person is in post that you’ll see what they are capable of.

What to look for?

So what should you look for when recruiting?

  • Check for any gaps in the candidate’s work history and probe them on this. They may tell you they had a three month secondment in another service sector but in fact they spent a short time at her Majesty’s pleasure.
  • Request copies of all certificates, check authenticity and make a copy of them for the individual’s personnel file.
  • Ensure the offer of employment is subject to references that ‘we find to be satisfactory’ and subject to a satisfactory DBS check.
  • Offer all employment subject to at least a three month probationary period and diarise that date.

A robust recruitment policy will assist you with your recruitment. It would be prudent to read the PR12 Recruitment Policy and Procedure before your plan any recruitment activity and to follow that process thoroughly.

Malcolm Martin of Employer Solutions – QCS Human Resource Expert.


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