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02nd September 2020

Risk Assessments

Now more than ever, Rachel Linfoot, as a  Dental Practice  Manager, recognises the need for a high-quality compliance system. A management system that allows her to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing Coronavirus guidance, and most importantly keep her staff and patients safe. 

Last week, Rachel shared with us how she uses the Mock Inspections and Patient and Staff Surveys on the QCS system. Today, Rachel is going to talk to us about the Risk Assessments offered by the system and how she utilises them. Want to explore more different functions of the system, you can find them here

This week my focus was on risk assessments, what QCS offer and how I could make the best use of them for my practice.

As all Practice Managers know, risk assessments are an extremely important part of our structure to ensure we can keep our patients and staff safe. They are essential to keep the practice running smoothly and provide an easy way of seeing what actions are needed. They are also vital in evidencing compliance, so these are so easy to use in this way.

QCS have a dashboard dedicated to risk assessments, you have the option to use one of the pre-made assessments such as risk assessments for staff during Covid-19, or you can create your own. QCS have created several risk assessments that you can review as you move through them and make changes that are appropriate to your own circumstances. I also think the option of creating your own is excellent, you just need to add information into the easy to use template and the QCS management system will generate it for you to use. Once this is done you can save your new template, meaning when the time comes to perform another risk assessment, you are ready to go!

You can check your practice’s risk assessment overview - what is high, medium and low risk, and it has a timeline to check how the practice has progressed over the months, in order to improve the practice from a safety point of view. The QCS system saves your risk assessments and keeps track of when they were actioned, when they need to be re-done and which ones are overdue.

I have already used the Covid risk assessments in my practice to ensure patients and staff are as safe as possible and I am looking forward to creating my own in the coming weeks!

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