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With many of our experts having worked in care for a number of years, we know how little time there is to do what you need to do. If you’re not using QCS, updating a single policy can take up to 3 hours of your valuable time.

We can save our customers up to 80 working days a year. How? By eliminating the manual processes and automating policy updates, that are available to you 24/7. That is time that could be better spent on what truly matters – delivering exceptional care.

So why not give our time-saving estimator a try today? See for yourself how much time you could free up by making the switch to QCS.

*Calculated by the average time it takes to manually update a policy multiplied by the average number of policies per user.

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    80% of customers told us that QCS products save them and their team time
    QCS Time-Saving Tips Survey for Social Care Providers

    Imagine having an additional 80 days to:

    Elevate staff training programmes

    Dedicate more time to delivering compassionate care

    Enhance your environment for safety and inclusivity

    Enjoy extra days out with service users

    Strategise for the future of your business

    Streamline your recruitment process

    What Would You Do with an Extra 80 Days?

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