Scottish Nursing Home Care Inspectorate Registration

Dementia Care

The first requirement of all care providers is to register with the Care Inspectorate. It is a criminal offence to operate an unregistered care service. This may be a significant challenge for a would-be start-up service, as navigating the Care Inspectorate registration requirements is often a daunting task.

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Supports your Care Inspectorate Registration under The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 and The Health and Social Care Standards.

All of your policies are kept up to date and accessible 24/7 online and through your mobile app by all of your staff.

Policies & Toolkits created by the UK’s leading knowledge experts, combined with up to 8,500 personalised pieces of information about your organisation.

Save Time — How long would it take you to create and update up to 646 pages of guidance?

Ongoing Support and Guidance for Care Inspectorate Registration

SIMPLE TO USE 0nline interface for all registration activity.

INCLUDES  Service User Handbook, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Service User Guide and, service Contract

EASY UPGRADE PATH from the Health and Safety Module to the Full Management System

FULLY COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH – Up to 646 pages with 94+ easy to follow policies and procedures, available in Word and PDF

UPLOAD YOUR OWN DOCUMENTS – to supplement the system for an even more comprehensive and personalised adult social care compliance tool

ONLINE CUSTOMISATION lets you change any of the up to 130+ fields that are customised to your business

WEEKLY UPDATE EMAIL – System compliant or not, number of updated & unread documents, recent staff logins PLUS e-mail notifications for care system updates

ALL THE FORMS REQUIRED for successful registration

SUPPORTS QA – Meets the Care Inspectorate Definition of Quality Assurance for on-going compliance.

DEDICATED TOOL for supporting your Care Inspectorate Registration under The Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010 and The Health and Social Care Standards.

HUMAN RESOURCE – Lets you thoroughly prepare your care home for Care Inspectorate inspections

FULLY CUSTOMISED DOCUMENTS – As required by the Care Inspectorate documents are specific to your organisation and not generic

PEACE OF MIND – Know you are compliant and that we keep you up to date


How long would it take you to create and update 646 pages of registration guidance?

Understanding Your Care Inspectorate Registration Requirements

To assist new businesses with the Care Inspectorate registration process, including those providing home or residential care services, QCS has created a Care Inspectorate Registration Module that provides you with all the policies, procedures and guidance you need to successfully meet the essential requirements of both care at home registration and residential care registration.

Successfully registering and running a care service requires thought about the policies and practices that are needed to achieve compliance. The Care Inspectorate Registration Module includes policies and procedures which cover all compliance-related activities within your business. These cover the following categories: Administration; Care Inspectorate Compliance; Care Management; Health and Safety; Human Resources; Catering; Maintenance; and Quality Assurance.

Together these policies form the basis of how your organisation is run, enabling you to confidently complete your residential or care at home registration with the Care Inspectorate.