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Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection – 17 March 2022

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March 17, 2022

Abi Spence explains how you can get involved in the Remembrance Day that pays tribute to care workers and the work they do


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A Remembrance Day that pays tribute to care workers and the work they do is being held on 17 March 2022. Our QCS Specialist, Abi Spence, explains how you can get involved.

Always remembering

For some, every day is a day that remembers colleagues, family and friends who have died caring for others in the pandemic, but Thursday has also been marked as a day to remember and give thanks as a nation.

Creating a space to say thank you

The day has been organised by Skills for Care in collaboration with 20 other partners. It creates a space to say thank you to all social care workers and remember those who have died in the pandemic.

Skills for Care says: ‘The day is also a time to remember those social care workers who we sadly lost to COVID-19. Sadly, an estimated 922 social care workers in England tragically lost their lives between March 2020 and May 2021.’

The Care Workers Charity Page has a virtual wall of remembrance where ‘people can submit a picture and message in memory of a friend, colleague, or family member who they have lost, which, in turn, will be featured on the Memorial Wall,’ according to the charity.

Thank you

The charity also hosts a ‘Thank you wall’ where some beautiful messages are already up from providers, colleagues and friends which are such a joy to read and where you can post your own.

Sensitive times

The Pandemic brings up lots of different emotions in all of us and with the best intentions, some members of staff, family and friends may find it very difficult to remember and may be experiencing grief or even PTSD from their experience. Resources are available on the government website to support bereaved care workers which also signposts to useful resources.

Whatever you decide to do or message around the day, ensure colleagues are supported and vocalise that you understand the range of emotions this can bring.

You may want to reach out to the family of colleagues who have died to let them know this day is to honour and pay tribute to their loved ones or contact former colleagues as their part in this journey is just as important as those that remain.

It’s your day

Although there are planned events, your service is unique, and you, your staff, residents and those significant to the service will have ideas on how you wish to mark the day. Some ideas could include:

  • Tea and Talk – An opportunity to celebrate workers and listen to both staff and residents’ experiences
  • Celebration Boards – Using collage to create pictures of hope and thanks to colleagues and workers across the sector
  • Charity Fundraisers – To raise money for causes which support those who are bereaved

For more information and ways to promote the day, you can download the Care Workers Charity Fundraising Pack for the day.

Whatever you decide to do, remember, the day is not just for you to contribute, but to take our thanks and gratitude for all you and your colleagues have done and continue to do for our nation.

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Abi Spence

Registration and Inspection Specialist


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